Project and construction site management with high QHSE standards

It takes a specialist to plan, manage, control and complete major plant engineering projects. The processes within this field are complex, and the demands are as diverse as the many different viewpoints of the project participants. To successfully manage an industrial plant engineering project, you need a wide range of expertise, vast experience and high-level managerial skills.

Markus G. Mundigler worked for many years as a construction and project manager and authorised officer for RVL-I Reststoffverwertung Lenzing Invest GmbH & Co. KG and RVL Reststoffverwertung Lenzing GmbH, as well as being a managing director of OMS Kläranlagen GmbH. He has been able to amass valuable project management skills, including minimising risk and achieving set targets by effectively managing all parties involved. Throughout all stages of a project he focuses on quality, health and safety, and environmental protection.

Many “big players” in the industrial sector have already entrusted Markus G. Mundigler with the management and supervision of their construction plants, projects and sites. He has proven himself to be a trustworthy and capable partner in plant engineering management.



Intermediary and mediator between all project participants

When it comes to meeting targets in industrial or power plant construction – especially those around duration, budget and quality – you need more than just knowledgeable and capable project managers. In addition to know-how, experience and motivation, you also need proven management skills, combined with a good command of soft skills to successfully manage the various construction teams, coordinate processes and meet targets.

With decades of experience in plant engineering and a talent for bringing together the many viewpoints of project participants from different backgrounds and cultures, Markus G. Mundigler is the ideal intermediary between stakeholders, clients and specialists in industrial plant engineering. As an expert in plant engineering, he unites expertise, experience and management skills, and has acted in the past as the main on-site point of contact for many international plant engineering projects.

A mechanical engineer from Austria, he demonstrates advanced soft skills when managing and motivating construction specialists, in order to ensure project targets are met consistently. Since targets are invariably a balancing act between budget, duration and quality, it is essential to monitor them constantly, and to make adjustments if necessary. Markus G. Mundigler’s mediation skills are particularly valuable when it comes to conflicts of interest – through troubleshooting and professional crisis management he is able to keep projects on track, while simultaneously keeping an eye on health and safety, environmental protection, budget, deadlines and quality standards.


Your expert for project management and HSSE measures

MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement GmbH stands for professional project and construction site management in plant engineering. Specialising in construction management in industrial and power plant engineering, the company is a reliable partner for its clients throughout the entire construction phase, and is the main point of contact when it comes to project planning, controlling, monitoring and documenting. In addition, these expert site managers from Austria will take full responsibility for safety management, overseeing all relevant HSSE measures.

The engineering firm also responsibly manages commissioning and/or maintenance projects, as well as renovating and decommissioning industrial plants. Beside industrial and power plant construction MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement GmbH is a proven expert for all questions in the field of waste water treatment.


Project management, safety management and quality management

In the field of industrial and power plant construction, MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement GmbH can provide a portfolio of services covering the following areas:

Project management

  • Facilitating progress and troubleshooting
  • Construction planning
  • Project financial controlling
  • Consulting
  • Reporting
  • Resource planning

Quality management

  • Monitoring workmanship
  • Quality-related construction and production surveys
  • Quality assurance and assessement
  • Documentation

Site management

  • Acting as central contact on site
  • Communication control center for the construction project
  • Management of site teams covering various professional disciplines
  • Ensuring trouble-free site operations
  • Coordinating construction and installation work
  • Coordinating construction site logistics

Safety management

  • Health protection
  • Work safety
  • Environmental management
  • Security


Ready-to-operate compact treatment plants

After many years working as a project manager, managing director and later also as the owner of OMS Kläranlagen GmbH, Markus G. Mundigler is an expert in the field of waste water treatment. OMS Kläranlagen GmbH is one of the longest standing companies in the European treatment plant industry, and is known for its excellent reputation. Over the years it has obtained numerous patents. This is why MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement GmbH also offers compact treatment plants and treatment plant equipment. The ready-to-operate treatment plants, with a capacity of up to 8,000 inhabitants, meet the latest European and German/Austrian cleaning requirements.


  • Procedural layout
  • Basic engineering
  • Delivery of compact sewage treatment plants (max capacity 8,000 inhabitants)
  • Modernization
  • Delivery of equipment



Success through proper leadership, teamwork and communication

Lateral thinking and action; getting through to people; connecting specialists in plant engineering projects with each other; uniting different viewpoints and keeping every single project participant motivated – these are Markus G. Mundigler’s guiding principles. The mechanical engineer from Austria long ago realised that there is more to effectively managing complex industrial projects than just technical expertise and organisational skills. Even on the most complex and technical projects, the focus is always on the people. Project management is a combination of leadership, teamwork, communication and mediation – this is the foundation for any successful project, and ensures stakeholder expectations can be met in the best possible way.

Health and safety, and appropriate environmental protection, are Markus G. Mundigler’s top priorities throughout all project stages.



Renowned industrial corporations trust MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement

Markus G. Mundiger has been responsible for managing or supervising industrial plant projects and power plant construction for many renowned industrial companies and energy groups. The Austrian is responsible for the successful completion of many industrial plants worldwide, and his portfolio includes market leader and large corporations from following fields:

  • Steel industry
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy
  • Waste recycling
  • Waste water treatment
  • Spun-bonded textile industry
  • Carbon industry


You can rely on MPM Mundigler Projektmanagement GmbH when it comes to project and construction management in the international plant engineering sector. The planning, management and controlling of projects in industrial plant and treatment plant construction takes expertise, and we provide in-depth know-how from Austria. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.